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Welcome to StarDeals

Who are we? StarDeals offers the best promos and deals for Ace Water Spa, Wensha, Sofitel Spiral, SM By the Bay, Sky Ranch, Gold's Gym, Splash Island, SM Ice Skating, Raffles & Fairmont Hotels, Zoobic and many more for up to 77% Off. You can find all deals on our website or in our app:

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Why do businesses offer promos or discounts on StarDeals?

  1. Customer Acquisition: StarDeals can introduce a business to a large number of potential new customers who might not have discovered the service or product otherwise.

  2. Increased Traffic: Offering a discounted deal can increase foot traffic to a business, which can lead to additional sales of non-discounted items or services.

  3. Excess Inventory: For businesses with physical products, offering a promotion through StarDeals can help move excess inventory quickly.

  4. Seasonal Push: During off-peak seasons, businesses may use StarDeals to attract customers who would not consider purchasing during these times at full price.

  5. Word of Mouth: Satisfied customers who purchase a StarDeals may share their experience with friends and family, leading to word-of-mouth advertising.

  6. Market Testing: Businesses can use StarDeals to test public interest in a new product or service at a lower risk.

  7. Analytics and Data: StarDeals provides businesses with valuable customer data and insights that can be used for future marketing and sales strategies.

  8. Upselling Opportunities: Businesses have the opportunity to upsell to customers who come in with a StarDeals promo, increasing the average transaction value.

  9. Brand Awareness: Even if a consumer doesn’t purchase the StarDeals, the promotion raises awareness of the brand among a wide audience.

What do people say about you? Can you show me reviews of other people who availed your deals?

Yes, please press here to see more than 100 people's reviews about their StarDeals experience on Facebook.

Sky Ranch's official announcements about the legit deals on can be found on their official Facebook pages:

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About StarDeals:

StarDeals offers you the most amazing experiences in your city for a fraction of the price - our merchant partners get new customers thanks to mind-blowing deals and customers enjoy large savings and get to experience new things, a win-win situation for everyone.

Every day you will find new deals on StarDeals for amusement parks, leisure activities, gyms, spas, restaurants and more. Our official and esteemed merchant partners include Gold's Gym, Berjaya Makati Hotel, Baan Khun Thai Spa, Dermaesthetique, Idara and many more.

How to delete my StarDeals account?

To delete your StarDeals account, please press here.

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