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  • 🎉 Win the iPhone 14 Pro Max: The Raffle of the Decade! 🎉
  • Ultimate Bragging Rights: Win it and elevate your status from "Average Joe" to "OMG, is that the new iPhone 14 Pro Max Joe?"
  • Larger Than Life: With this screen size, find Waldo in seconds. Spoiler: He's in the corner.
  • Pocket Heavyweight: At P77900 worth, it's like having a small gold bar in your pocket. Only more useful.
  • Camera Sorcery: So advanced, it can capture the future. Just kidding, but it'll make your present look pretty dazzling.
  • Endless Storage: 128GB. Store everything from your secret karaoke recordings to the 1,000 photos you took of that one sunset.
  • Sassy Siri: She might just become your BFF. Who else can give you weather updates and judgment-free advice at 2 a.m.?
  • Lightning Fast: Processes tasks faster than you process your Monday morning emotions.
  • Unmatched Durability: Sturdier than your resolve to avoid midnight snacks. (We're not judging.)
  • Eco-Champion: Flaunt your tech and your eco-credentials. Because who says you can't have your eco-cake and eat it too?
  • It's a Raffle!: Low risk, high reward. Besides, it’s way easier than trying to catch a golden snitch!
  • 🎈 Don't let destiny slip through your fingers! Enter now, and you might just swipe right on the most enviable gadget in town. 🎈
Important Information
  • Max. of 1 raffle entry per person is permitted
  • Multiple entries or account creations or other methods to increase chances to win will be disqualified
  • 1 random winner will be selected out of all participants and will be contacted by phone or email on August 31, 2023
  • Valid for residents of the Philippines only
  • For any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

🎉 "Get Your Pockets Ready: The iPhone 14 Pro Max Raffle!" 🎉

Hey there, tech enthusiast (and everyone still clinging to their iPhone 6s)! Ready to amp up your pocket's real estate? Welcome to the raffle that's more thrilling than your aunt’s infamous spicy casserole!

Here's why you'd want this pocket-sized wonder:

  1. The Envy Factor: Whip out the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and suddenly, everyone's got a crick in their neck from all the double takes.

  2. Immaculate Imagery: Its camera is so advanced, Bigfoot might just come out of hiding for a photoshoot.

  3. Fancy Screen Real Estate: It’s like having a mini IMAX theater. Now, where's the popcorn?

  4. Siri’s Sass: Heard of BFFs? Well, here's your PFF – Personal Fantastic Friend. And she's on standby, 24/7!

  5. Flashy Fast: This phone reacts faster than you at a surprise buffet. And we know how fast that is!

  6. Brag-worthy Battery: Forget hunting for charging spots. The iPhone 14 Pro Max's battery life is longer than your coworker's vacation stories.

  7. Conspicuous Conservation: Flaunt tech with a conscience. It's more than just a pretty face.

Price? A whopping P77900. But for you? A minor act of joining our raffle.

🍎 So, if you're ready to have your selfie game skyrocket and social status soar (or just really love cool gadgets), hop on this raffle ride! Hurry, before Siri gets tired of waiting! 🍎

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